Bridge of Semiconductor Collaboration between Taiwan and Japan
The semiconductor industry cooperation between Taiwan and Japan is so close that in recent years, there have been frequent reports of mutual investments by semiconductor companies from both sides in each other's respective regions. However, historically, there has been relatively less investment from Taiwan into Japan compared to the other way around. From the perspective of enhancing supply chain resilience, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC) investment in Japan is also a positive development. With the development of trends such as the Internet of Things and smartization, many industries that were originally less reliant on chips are gradually becoming inseparable from semiconductors.

In the state of internationalization and global deployment, Taiwan's semiconductor industry is undoubtedly on a path it must tread in the future. Taiwan's semiconductor industry has entered a golden age of overseas deployment, becoming an important player in the global supply chain. In the future, Taiwan's semiconductor industry should continue to look towards the world and cooperate with like-minded regions and allies. Taiwanese semiconductor companies must also realize that internationalization and global deployment are unavoidable issues.

Within the semiconductor industry, not only technical exchanges and customer cooperation but also collaboration on green energy and sustainable development commitments will help both sides share knowledge, resources, and technology, accelerate global market competition, and achieve a win-win situation.